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Steel Kit Buildings

Standard & Custom Options Available

New Steel Buildings

Order new steel framed buildings in kit form to erect your self.

As a frame only option or including roof and wall cladding products.

Or order a new house extension kit.

Roof & Walls

Insulated roof and wall panels options are available, single skin sheet profiles along with an easy to install standing seam roof or wall panel system.

Traditional standing seam panels are available as are reveal wall or soffit panels, metal shingles & honeycomb panels. Bespoke rainwater systems can be included.


Metals available include HPS200 Ultra  or C200 Plastisol coated steel for sheets, insulated panels & flashings.

For other metal profiles. Coated Aluminium, Bio Based Coated Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel & Zinc

Frame Kits

Order a new steel framed structure, in kit form to erect yourself.

Cladding Kits

Order quality roof and wall cladding products to complete the build.

Need a new building in 2020?

Let us know what size you are looking for!